Latest releases: As a label we were amazed, lost for words when presented with LdashD’s marvellous, powerful, unique, and inspiring new Trilogy EP in suport of the people of Ukraine.'Heartbeat' is the first to be released. All 3 tracks feature haunting Ukrainian vocals that evoke a bygone era, with a rich heritage dating back to the Middle Ages.
Girlfriend Grindin' Real Bad - LdashD
Where my ravers at?
Straight Outta Magazine Things Change
Watcha Know Don't give up
Does it feel right Party People
Asian Raver We Still Dance (single)
Everything Vibrates LdashD Rave Energy LdashD
Rave Phenomenon LdashD BestLife Single
BestLife 'Ot'ouse Mix Madouse Mix
BestLife Power'ouse Mix Trippy Mix
Artouse Mix Trippy Hippy Mix
Hippy Mix Ganjaman Single