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Genre-bending Producer LdashD releases new Trilogy EP in support of the people of Ukraine.
‘Heartbeat, Blood & Tears of Ukraine’

As a label we were amazed, lost for words when presented with this marvellous, powerful unique, inspiring and emotive Meister work, so we asked LdashD to provide some background on this huge production that encompasses a Trilogy of songs, a large-scale collage, and a heart-wrenching video titled: 'Special People (Blood of Ukraine)'

‘In a sense it did itself, I don’t require inspiration to write music, it’s my job that’s all, so at first I was sceptical that a trivial little Dance ditty was suitable for such a sad and sensitive subject, even so, I knew I had to capture some essence of the horrific actions of a dictators’ needless political ambitions, hence the many authentic sounds of War, Jets, Helicopters, Bombs, Bullets, Sirens etc. These sounds are no mere backdrop, they are integral and nestle in with the music.’  ‘The Ukrainian Folk singers hauntingly powerful voices, evolving since the Middle Ages, evoke a bygone era that admirably mirrors the tough, determined Ukrainian spirit. The vocals inspire and entertain in equal measure.’

‘My reasoning was that, during War, ordinary people try to maintain some form of normality, amongst the flood of tears there’s also occasional smiles or brief moments of happiness, it’s this that compelled my sense of duty to write something uplifting for the courageous people of Ukraine, to maybe bring some small respite from the current mayhem.’ ‘I was simply hoping to bring some much-needed light-relief to the Ukrainian people, particularly the troops, perhaps even, humbly, to encourage or inspire them.’

As I was working my way thru the tracks, I came across this quote from BBC Newsbeat, Viktoria Polchenko from Ukraine's Radio Promin states that music has the power to act, "Like a lifeline that helps us be strong and hold on". ‘I must admit I take pride in my work, but this is the first time I felt truly inspired while making these songs.’