Tough, Inventive, No-Nonsense, Genre-Bending, Multi-Ethnic, Hook-Laden Guitar-Based Dance Music that flouts convention.

LdashD’s life revolves around making music and it’s all consuming, diligently beavering away day in, day out, L-D is a single-minded solo production behemoth & multi-instrumentalist, but on the rare occasions when venturing-out or socialising, usually in Brick Lane London, if there too you might happen upon a trail of L-D’s latest graffiti/pasteups or even a sculpture/plaque or two, ‘Passport Tiles/Masks,’ which are rapidly becoming much sought-after collectors’ items. If you’re lucky you may also nab one of the numerous mini-L-D logo bags festooned on walls or railings during regular jaunts around Shoreditch containing free collectables, branded wristbands, stickers & cards, all featuring the unique, often futuristic style of design.

Much of the popular music released today is manufactured by teams of people, often many teams simultaneously & in different countries too, mostly graduates from Music Production courses, all feverishly banging away on the same would-be banger, a compromise, a mass-produced fabrication, it’s these mass-standardized, generally mediocre run-of-the-mill productions that differentiates L-D’s music.

L-D’s unique music is very much a result of an individual’s, opinion, response & application, music as, ‘Art’ perhaps, as Art is mostly made by an individual. Being self-taught is also an integral aspect of the finished product, L-D’s mentor, Picasso, was self-taught too, as was Vincent Van Gogh, both unique uncompromising artists.

The music press often particularly mentions, the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s when defining L-D’s music, club DJ’s are also adamant that it’s a, ‘New Genre Of Dance Music…’, many mention, ‘Love’ the, ‘Great’, guitar riffs, one even prompting, ‘Disco Rock…’, quite revealing, as L-D has a great passion for guitars, it’s this lifelong passion, coupled with a healthy addiction to analogue synth’s, that enables L-Ds bold imposing music to seamlessly, accurately, transverse the past, present and future.
‘Don’t Believe Da Hype’, LdashD’s music is best experienced, not ‘talked-up’, so we’re not trying to convince anyone as it’s all factual, however, LdashD mentions that: ‘I appreciate my music can be demanding of the listener as it is quite challenging to manufacture it, so I can only suggest if at first, like me, you don’t succeed in appreciating its material worth, try & try again as it took a fair bit of trying, again & again, to produce it’. 

There’s a huge amount of respect and kudos for LdashD’s work amongst the dance community so we’ll leave it to some DJ comments to sum up for us:


‘Excellent track - great arrangement and production - 2022 grower’
' Really good.....Different to everything else out there too'
'Nice to hear something stepping out of the copycat zone. Fresh, youthful, energetic'
'It's odd but catchy at the same time, not drum & bass but similar??? Confused but weirdly addictive'
'High energy pop vibes for a peak moment with a great catchy DnB / 60s mashup influence'
'Nice to have something a little different...'
Quirky tune from LdashD like the Everything Vibrates remix nice groove, guitar and a catchy vocal'
'Good reaction better with each play'
'Needs to grow on me but actually sounds pretty good'
'Retro, camp yet very cool. Great remix from LdashD. Love this'
‘Definitely "out there" but actually very engaging & interesting…’
‘This is quality. An original concept…’ 
‘This is brilliant. Love love love the guitar riff!!!!!!’
‘I honestly don’t know, I want to like it’
‘Top tune, going to be a big one for me’
‘What a different track this is!’


EP: Bringin' back the 90s:

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EP: Don't give up:

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.. 'Go from strength to strength... takes in trance, techno, progressive & bubbling House all on one ....... pure UK... experimental & successful' Music Week...
.. 'Strong very energetic... has plenty of clout... catchy... effective... Don't be put off because it's not on one of those big name labels...' Mixmag
.. 'More bounce than a five gear space hopper & more House points for the guy responsible for Mzungu'  Melody Maker
.. 'Techno-ish high energy pounder... could go far... each release seems to get better & better' Mixmag
.. 'Splendid prog House builder... stomping - Excellent' Music Week
'New breed of pop stormer' Echoes
.. 'To the point' Music Week