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LdashD is from London & has been bangin' out bangin' dance music for over three decades. His tough inventive urban Dance music evolved early on  during the late 80's early 90's, that amazing 'High Renaissance' era for Acid  House music. It's this fabulously enriching legacy, fuelled mostly by Pirate Radio & Clubs, absorbed over time thru all genres, that is now naturally, organically, embedded in his work, enabling him to achieve a diverse proliferate and highly original style right up to present day.

During this time LdashD has had many record releases, mainly 12 inch vinyl on various labels & under various aliases as is the norm. Also an in demand writer/producer/musician, he has appeared on many others releases, including compilations and has remixed several established acts including, Snoop Dogg, Peter Gabriel, Barry Manilow, etc.

He's currently releasing some of his latest tracks, tough, inventive, no-nonsense, genre-bending, multi-ethnic, hook-laden guitar based Dance music that's recently been dubbed, '60's Indie House.'

LdashD also films and edits his own music videos. 


'... to the point' Music Week

'... new breed of pop stormer' Echos

'Splendid prog House builder... stomping... Excellent' Record Mirror

'More bounce than a five gear space hopper & more House points for the guy responsible for Mzungu'  Melody Maker

'...strong very energetic... has plenty of clout... catchy... effective... Don't be put off because it's not on one of those big name labels...' Mixmag

'...techno-ish high energy pounder... could go far... each release seems to get better and better' Mixmag

 ... go from strength to strength... takes in trance, techno, progressive & bubbling House all on one 12inch... pure UK... experimental & successful' Music Week

LdashD Quotes:
'There's only three kinds of music, good, bad, or indifferent'
'Before you can produce any work of quality, you have to be able to recognise that quality in others work'
'If my music's any good, it's because of what I've listened to'